Why RouteAlert?

RouteAlert helps transportation service providers in saving their own time, resources and also provides very convenient alerts to parents/students. As a “RouteAlert enabled” transport service provider, the provider would earn unique and unparalleled satisfaction of passengers, giving them the feel that the transportation service is safe and secure, and that their individual needs are being taken care of, and that too, without any extra effort from the transport service management.

RouteAlert is an experience, which has eluded them thus far!

Differentiating factors vis-a-vis competitors

Differentiator RouteAlert Other Similar Products
Business Focus Area Primarily Designed for Schools Generic
Map Ownership RouteAlert's own maps Generally third party (Google)
Basis of Alerts Expected time of arrival On reaching previous Stop
Accuracy High ---
Implementation Can handle easily Difficult to handle
Time to Start Service Low High
Intellectual Property India & US Patents ---