Some Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

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What is RouteAlert?

RouteAlert provides alerts for passengers rendezvousing with a pickup/drop vehicle.

My child’s pickup point is very near the school. Is RouteAlert useful for me?

This would mean that the pickup would be the last in the route. Hence the wait could be even longer at times because of all the uncertainties of the route.

Why don’t we call the driver instead of using RouteAlert?

You don’t want to talk to the driver, while he is driving. Statistically a driver answering a call while driving is as bad as a drunken driver. So PLEASE DON’T CALL DRIVERS. It is hazardous for all the students onboard.

Where else is RouteAlert useful?

Using RouteAlert Transport manager of the school can send messages to parents regarding any breakdown / alternate arrangement.
It is also useful during Holidays to send out information to parents

What is the cost of the product?

Pricing is based on case to case basis, based on the scenarios or use case. Please contact us regarding pricing for your school.

What is the time frame for implementation?

It is again based on case to case basis. RouteAlert can be implemented quickly based on each route. Generally we have implemented routes at an average of 1-2 days per bus per person.